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Pro Superman.

 Pro Superman

I'm a Pro Supermaner.
Superman-ed for about an hour. About 150% experience (from 95.5 to 96.97). Over 20 Re-casts of Superman.

1695 KO Chain on white-named monsters.

Twitter. And Livejournal.

I don't see the point in Twitter.
It's just Facebook status updates.. on another site. I'm not going to go all the way to another website to see what someone else had for dinner, or what time someone else got up. I understand why celebrities and other notable figures use them, so they can update all their fans about their happenings. But what's the point in normal people using it?

There are a few twitters out there that are quite good to have a laugh at. Like Osama Bin Laden's.

And now I just realised that you can't paste text in here. Well that's kinda shit. Why?


Still the world's most popular small car.
Because the world still has more Asians than any other nationality.
The end.

This is the...

Story of a man who woke up dead,
Looked in the mirror, saw a bullet in his head.
Tried to remember when he got shot.
Was it part of a crazy conspiracy plot?

The man was a banker, and he had a lot of power,
People tried to kill him when he was in the shower.
He was the richest man throughout the whole town,
He owned a fifty three thousand dollar gown.

He thought back to the previous night,
Couldn't remember past drinking his Sprite.
Maybe someone put something in his drink.
He had a bullet in his head, he couldn't think.

Then he noticed something on his neck,
Two little spots, almost two little specks.
It seems Edward Cullen was in his room,
He hoped he didn't want to have a spoon.

Because we all know what spooning leads to,
A great time between two men, and a whole lot of goo.
At this point, the man wanted to hurl,
At the thought of sleeping with a man, not a girl.

The man lit a cigar with a hundred dollar bill,
And kept thinking about the attempted kill.
Was it Edward Cullen, or jealous ex-girlfriend Bella?
Or maybe some psycho, or regular old fella.

His brain started bleeding cos he was thinking so much,
Then he realised there was blood on his crotch.
He checked to see where it came from,
And it's true, he found that it was coming from his bum.

It seems he and Edward got friendly last night,
And then Edward got hungry so he took a big bite.
Then Bella found out, and shot the man in the head,
This is the story of the man who woke up dead.

Fall Out Boy.

Pete Wentz has confirmed that Fall Out Boy is breaking up. That sounds like they dumped each other but.. yeah. 
Lol no more of this semi-enunciated singing. 'THIS ANE A SCENE, IT'S A GAH DAH ASS RACE'. 
I'm not saying I didn't like them.. I've just always thought the singing was kinda crap.
And the 'spoof' of the Seize The Day music video by Avenged Sevenfold. Now that was shit. Made me hate Fall Out Boy for a very long time.
I also don't like Pete Wentz.

How to kill a man.

There is one way to easily make a man kill himself, or yourself. Four simple words.
'Your brother is bigger.'


Glue sticks.

Saw an ad for a revolutionary glue stick the other day. It was triangular, so that kids can fill in all the corners of the paper with glue. Funny though, when the kid held up his masterpiece, there were circles EVERYWHERE.
How did he do that?!

I'm a ninja.

Crossing the road, one hand on a trolley. A bag falls off the top, falls outside of the trolley, almost hits the ground. I reach and grab it. It does not hit the ground. The bag does not break. Contents of the bag do not fall out. I yell, 'NINJA!!'. People look at me funny.


A tram derailed today, in Maribynong. I lol'd. I don't understand the news report though.
If the tram derailed, how did it get towed away by ANOTHER tram? The second tram must've been on the tracks; how can it possibly reach a derailed tram?

No passengers were injured on the tram. But who the hell takes trams anyway? I thought they were just used to go down a few blocks in the city, didn't realise people actually took them out in the suburbs. Get a car.


Why can't I meet a YouTube celebrity?

Every time Natalie Tran uploads a video, she gives shoutouts to people who've said hello to her. Why can't I live in Sydney?
James Coulter posts videos with his YouTube friends from his home state and other states. Why can't I live in California, or Texas, or miscellaneous?
Peter Chao lives in Vancouver. Why can't I live in Vancouver?


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